Room Allocations & Single Room Surcharges

We charge per person not per room. However the online booking system requires a selection of rooms. As such we reserve the right to allocate you any rooms with enough beds to accommodate your booking at any time up until departure. In rare circumstances this may mean a change of rooms during your stay.. 

We will try and satisfy requests or selections for specific rooms or room types but any room or room type allocated or selected is not guaranteed and may be changed by us at any time. If you have requested or selected a room for 2 people with a double bed this may be changed to a room with two single beds. If you have selected a family room this may be changed to two rooms. If a family has selected two twin rooms this may be changed to a family room.

We do not place strangers in a room together without their agreement.

For bookings of more than one person we will allocate one or more rooms to accommodate your group. Most of our rooms accommodate 2, 3 and 4 people and a booking of 3 or more people may be accommodated in a single room. The 4 people rooms are generally family rooms having a double bed and two singles or a bunk bed. We have one room at Falls Creek that accommodates 6 people and one room at Mt Buller that accommodates 5 people.

If we partially fill a room to accommodate a booking we do not charge extra and we do not put people from another booking in the room unless all parties agree or request so at the time of the booking. This typically happens when two families coming together book separately but are willing to share rooms to be accommodated.

Multiple bookings made by the same person or an associated person for the same or for overlapping periods at the same lodge may be treated by us as a single booking and we reserve the right to place people from these multiple bookings in a room together.


If a person in a group requires a room to themselves or the group requires that we accommodate them in more rooms than necessary to accommodate the group, surcharges will apply.

If two people book as a group and one requires a separate room, both are subject to a surcharge unless, at the time of making the booking, the other person agrees to share the room with other people. See the Single Person Bookings section that follows below.

If two or more people book as a group and more than one person requires a separate room, each person who is a room by themselves is subject to a surcharge.

The surcharge is only waived for children (i.e. those under 18) if, at the time of making the booking, the child can share with a person known to adult making the booking and this is prearranged. We will not take a booking on the basis that a child will share with an unknown adult. In other words, if your child wants a room to themselves you have to pay the surcharge. If your child does not want to share with you, then you need to find another person to share with them, otherwise you have to pay the surcharge.

The surcharge is waived for a maximum of 14 nights. Bookings of 15 or more nights will have the surcharge applied for the 15th night onwards.

The surcharge depends on whether it applies to a Guest, a Member or an Affiliate and is set out in the Single Person Bookings section that follows below.