Under Occupancy

The online booking system has been set up to require all rooms that accommodate three or more people to be fully occupied. This is to prevent, for example, people booking triple rooms for only two people. Of course, if you want to, you can pay for 3 people for a triple even if there are only 2 people actually coming.

We frequently put 2 people in a triple and the Booking Secretary and managers can book rooms with under occupancy.

If the booking system only displays rooms that accommodate 3 or more people then either select different dates or increase the number of people.

If only rooms with a higher capacity than guest numbers are displayed (e.g. a triple or larger is displayed but you only have 2 people) increase the total number of guests using the Virtual Guest dropdown. This is valid only where this is necessary. A maximum of only one (1) Virtual Guest is valid for rooms with a capacity of 4 or less.

Note that where you have selected a room which has a higher capacity than the number of people in your booking we may change the room type. As an example, if you have 3 people in your booking but select a 4 person room for whatever reason, if a 3 person room is available or becomes available we will move the booking to the 3 person room.

Two Virtual Guests are only valid for rooms with a capacity of 5 or 6 and these may be booked with 3 or 4 people or more respectively if no other room combinations are available with a better capacity match.

If only a 4 bed family room is available and you are booking for 2 people, contact us. Similarly if only a 6 bed room is available and you are booking for 2 people, contact us. 

Note, as a general rule and before winter commences, the Booking Secretary does accept a booking for a 4 person room or the 5 person room at Mt Buller for less than 3 people. The 6 person room at Falls Creek requires at least 4 people. Managers have discretion during winter to accept bookings for less than these numbers but will probably not take such bookings more than a few days before arrival.

Note that, as with all bookings, specific rooms or room types are not guaranteed. A booking initially allocated a room which is under occupied may be changed to a room that provides full occupancy.