Cancellation/Refunds Policy

More than 28 days: The maximum refund is the amount paid less 20% of the full amount payable.

14 to 28 days inclusive: The maximum refund is the amount paid less 40% of the full amount payable.

Less than 14 days: No refund.

Schuss Ski Club recommends travel insurance to guard against losses through having to cancel at short notice.

Comprehensive travel insurance for a two week domestic trip for a family of four can be obtained. Cancellation only travel insurance is also available. As an aid, the following links provide searches for domestic travel insurance.

Schuss Ski Club does not recommend any insurance policy or company listed by these searches.

For bookings made online Schuss Ski Club reserves the right to impose additional conditions on a booking or to cancel a booking and provide a full refund before guest arrival if, in the opinion of Schuss Ski Club, the booking is undesirable, potentially undesirable or has been made in contravention of any of these booking terms. In particular a large booking that may adversely impact on the Club's property or the enjoyment of other guests may require a refundable bond and/or further information to be provided to the Club.

The use of a discount code other than for its intended purpose is invalid and will result in an upward revision of the total due. If the extra amount is not paid immediately cancellation of the entire booking may occur.