Internet Access and Use

Access to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection is provided but “as-is” with no guarantee as to availability or speed of access.

When the lodges are full you may not be able to connect at all or the connection may be very slow. If access to the internet is critical to you during your stay we recommend that you ensure you have an alternative connection, such as via the mobile phone system.

The Club does not accept any responsibility for any consequence through use of the Club’s internet connection or the performance of the Club’s internet connection.

The Club’s internet connection may not be used for any illegal activities, including, but not limited to, transfer of music or video that infringes the rights of others, such as copyright.

The Club’s internet connection may not be used for downloading and watching of legal videos, such as streaming services of “catch up” TV shows provided by television companies or other web sites. The reason is that this negatively impacts on the use of the internet by other guests.

The Manager has the authority to block a user for any reason, including, but not limited to, suspected or actual illegal use or excessive use.

Guests should not expect the Manager to assist in solving any connection issues.