Lodge manager

Manager in residence

The club has appointed a full time winter manager at each Schuss lodge in order to safeguard and maintain the club’s property and to ensure that each lodge is run efficiently.

Under the authority and direction of the Schuss Board of Directors, the manager is expected to provide a level of service and an atmosphere that acknowledges that members are the owners of and key stakeholders in their club. The manager is expected to be effective and consistent in dealing with members and guests and to refer to the directors when situations arise that are difficult and out of the ordinary (see section 5 below).

The directors have empowered each manager to ensure the Code of Conduct is observed. The club expects that members and guests will fully co-operate with the manager to ensure the smooth running of each lodge.

Manager not in residence

In non-winter months, when no manager is employed, members and guests are under the same obligations to observe the club’s Code of Conduct. If a difficult situation arises when no manager is present, any guest or member may contact the relevant lodge officer (whose contact details are provided on the front door of the lodge).