Members and guests are responsible for their own proper conduct. Rude, aggressive, unacceptable or offensive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.


Schuss Ski Club is a family-oriented club and children are very welcome at all times. However, parents or guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children and must adequately supervise them at all times.


Excessive noise or any other activity likely to disturb members or guests is not tolerated. Consideration for others and the manager is expected.


If the lodge, its property, or the property of a member or guest has been damaged, that damage must be reported to the manager (or the lodge officer, in the absence of a manager).

The club reserves the right to charge members or guests for the repair of damage to property or other associated costs, particularly if that damage is wilful or the result of gross negligence. The person making the booking is responsible for any damage (and the cost of repair) caused by any person included in their booking.

Manager discretion

If the manager determines that a member or guest’s behaviour is unacceptable for any reason, the manager may refuse continued accommodation for that person without refund.