Incident reporting

Any complaint about the behaviour of members or guests should initially be referred to the lodge manager, or to the lodge officer in the absence of a manager.


If the incident is unable to be resolved in a conciliatory way, the manager may use his or her discretion and escalate the reporting of the incident to the following people, in the following order:

  • Schuss Ski Club Secretary
  • Schuss Ski Club Chairman
  • Schuss Ski Club Feedback Officer

Escalation of the incident should be made by the manager, in private, by email or telephone call, depending on the severity of the incident.

Once an incident has been escalated, an appropriate response will be addressed by either the Secretary, Chairman or Feedback Officer in conjunction with the manager.


If an incident has been reported to the manager, the manager will provide a written summary of the incident and the escalation process (if the matter was escalated) to the Board of Directors. The incident will be reported to the Board of Directors for their consideration at the next scheduled Board Meeting.

The member or guest who reported the incident will be notified of the outcomes of the directors’ consideration of the incident.