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Non members - during the members´ priority booking period (From 1 November to 31 January) certain high season periods are quarantined and cannot be booked until the end of the quarantine period. See When you can book Check Tariffs and Season dates Who is an affiliate?

Child discounts are only offered in low season and may be selected in the "extras" after selecting room(s). Bookings straddling high and low seasons do not see the discount. This will be manually adjusted and we suggest that you select an offline payment method. There is no charge for children under 2 years old at arrival but no bed is provided unless paid for and included in the numbers selected below.

Members and Affiliates booking a room for single occupancy must include a second person of the same class. Thus a Member must book 2 Members whilst an Affiliate must book 2 Affiliates. This will be checked by the Booking Secretary and a booking for only 1 Member or 1 Affiliate is invalid and will result in refusal/cancellation, even if you have paid.

Under Occupancy, such as booking 2 people when only 3 bed rooms display - add a Virtual Guest. For more information and conditions, see here: Under Occupancy

The rooms displayed below depend on the dates, length of stay and number of guests selected. These may change when you change any of these criteria. If no rooms display it is either because none are available or those available require more guests. To see all available room and tariff combinations set the total guest numbers to zero. Fully booked days cannot be selected using the arrival calendar.

We charge per person and whilst we will try and satisfy requests or selections for specific rooms or room types, any room allocated or selected may be changed by us at any time.

Select the details of your booking requirements

Please note that the full price of the booking will be calculated and displayed once you have selected an appropriate number of rooms for the guest numbers. All nighly rates are the adult Guest nightly amount.
Child Affiliate Discount1 Select number of Child Affiliates
$-6.05 (10%) ( Per day )
Child Guest Discount 1 Select number of Child Guests
$-22.00 (10%) ( Per day )
Child under 2 at arrival. No charge but no bed. Select number of children under 2 at arrival
$0.00 (10%) ( Per booking )
Compulsory linen and end of stay room cleaning fee
$35.00 (10%) ( Per person per booking )
Reduction in linen and end of stay room cleaning fee for Member/Affiliate single occupancy. This discount is only valid for a Member or Affiliate who is booking for exclusive use of a room (single occupancy) and has included an additional person.
$-35.00 (10%) ( Per booking )
Reduction in linen and end of stay room cleaning fee. This discount is not valid for single occupancy. It is only valid if the capacity of room(s) available is greater than the number of actual people in the booking and you have selected one or more Virtual Guests to book the room or avoid a single occupancy surcharge. Note the booking will be transferred to room(s) with matching capacity if possible.
$-35.00 (10%) ( Per booking )
Base Nightly Cost

Guest(s) for night(s) at per person per night before any applicable adult Member or Affiliate discount.

Single person supplement (ex GST)
Adjusted Cost

After guest type and single supplement adjustments

Extras-linen and end of stay room cleaning fee and child discounts
Grand Total: