We have an online bookings system on our web site that allows bookings and booking enquiries to be made for winter 2016, as well as for summer bookings.

Summer bookings may be made now. Winter bookings will be available before the opening of the memebrs’ priority booking period on 1 November 2015.

Booking enquiries may still be made by phone or email with the Booking Secretary as in previous years.

Winter bookings from 1 February can be made and paid for in real time without the need for interaction or approval by the Booking Secretary but will be reviewed to ensure correct guest types have been selected. This may result in a price adjustment.

Because of our different tariff structures, summer and winter bookings are via two different “properties” for each lodge. Bookings and booking enquiries for winter can only be made via the “winter” property and not the “summer” property, and vice versa.