Live bookings

From 1 February the winter properties will run in “live” mode.

In live mode a booking is made, confirmed and rooms are allocated to that booking at that time.

Payment may be made by electronic transfer or by telephoning to make payment by credit card over the phone.

If payment by electronic transfer is elected, payment must be received within 3 business days. You must notify us (the Booking Secretary or, during winter, the manager) when payment has been made as the booking system does not interact with our bank account. Failure to make payment and advise us that the payment has been made may result in cancellation of that booking. This is to avoid members (or Guests) “parking” bookings.

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card please elect to make payment via electronic transfer and contact the Booking Secretary or manager as appropriate as soon as practicable. If an attempt to contact us and pay is not made within 3 business days this may result in cancellation of that booking. Note that if we are not available, please leave a message and we will contact you. 

Note that until handover to the managers the Booking Secretary will cancel bookings that have been approved but not paid for promptly.

As per our standing policies, all winter bookings made after 31 January must be paid for by 1 June and except for bookings made less than 4 business days before 1 June, all unpaid for bookings may be cancelled.

It should be noted that from 1 February anyone can make, pay for and obtain a confirmed booking without any interaction by the Booking Secretary or managers. As a general rule the Booking Secretary does not intend to block out any rooms as a result of a member enquiry; in previous years too many members have made enquiries and not proceeded with the booking whatsoever or have not proceeded promptly.

The Booking Secretary will hold rooms where justified, such as when flights or other travel arrangements need to be confirmed.

It is suggested, particularly during winter, that members have definite plans before making a booking enquiry and be willing to proceed with a booking at that initial contact. It is not reasonable to expect managers to hold rooms on the off chance that the member will proceed a week later.

Member bookings made directly after 1 February will be reviewed to ensure correct guest types have been selected. This may result in a price adjustment. Where additional payment is required, that additional payment must be made promptly to avoid cancellation of the entire booking.