Making bookings or booking enquiries

The process for bookings or booking enquiries is essentially the same except that booking enquiries do not have a payment step at the initial stage.

There are two steps (and screens) involved after you have selected the relevant lodge for booking enquiries and a third (payment) for live bookings.

  1. Select dates, people, room types and any “extras”;
  2. Review the proposed booking, enter any notes or messages and agree to the booking terms and code of conduct
  3. For live bookings  elect to make payment via electronic transfer. Note if payment via electronic transfer is elected you must click “Submit” on the third page. Failure to click “Submit” on the following page results in no booking being made and you will have to start again.

Members must enter the names of all Affiliates in a booking and the ages at date of arrival of all people claimed as child Affiliates. If the relationship between any child Affiliate and the member or adult affiliate is not apparent, such as different family names, it will be appreciated if that relationship (e.g. child, step child, partner’s child, etc.) is indicated, either with the names and ages or in the notes field that is displayed on the second screen.

Where a single adult Affiliate is included in a booking there is no need to indicate the relationship. Where multiple adult Affiliates are included you will need to indicate why you believe they are entitled to Affiliate status (e.g. full time student under 25, former member who passed membership to the member, etc.)

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card please elect to make payment via electronic transfer and contact the Booking Secretary and manager as appropriate as soon as practicable.

Successfully making a booking or booking enquiry will result in receipt of an email confirmation to the email address used for the booking. If you have elected to make payment via electronic transfer you will also receive an email with our bank account details.

If you do not receive an email you have either used an incorrect email address, your email program or server has blocked the email(s) or you have not made a booking. Contact the Booking Secretary or manager if you believe you have made a booking but have not received anything.