We have an online bookings system on our web site that allows bookings and booking enquiries to be made for winter 2016, as well as for summer bookings.

Summer bookings may be made now. Winter bookings will be available before the opening of the memebrs’ priority booking period on 1 November 2015.

Booking enquiries may still be made by phone or email with the Booking Secretary as in previous years.

Winter bookings from 1 February can be made and paid for in real time without the need for interaction or approval by the Booking Secretary but will be reviewed to ensure correct guest types have been selected. This may result in a price adjustment.

Because of our different tariff structures, summer and winter bookings are via two different “properties” for each lodge. Bookings and booking enquiries for winter can only be made via the “winter” property and not the “summer” property, and vice versa.

Log in first if you are already registered

The first time a booking is made by a person the booking engine creates a user in the system. You may log in using that user for future bookings and your address and contact details will be filled in.

Registered users (whether you have made a booking before or not) must log in first if they wish to use their registered email address. If you have not logged in and use the email address of a registered user the booking system will reject the email address and you will not be able to make the booking.

People who have successfully made a booking can review their bookings after logging in.

Booking enquiries

The summer properties always run in “enquiry mode”.

The winter properties will run in “enquiry mode” during the members’ priority period. This is to ensure that non-member bookings for high season are not taken before 1 February.

In enquiry mode no payment is required when initially making a booking enquiry.

The Booking Secretary will review the booking enquiry and on approval you will receive an email advising of this and inviting payment. You will then need to confirm the booking on the web site and by making or arranging payment. Failure to make payment promptly may result in cancellation of the booking.

Note in “enquiry mode” rooms available may be selected but are not put aside until approved. As such two or more booking enquiries may select the same room(s). Accordingly, the ability to select a room in “enquiry mode” does not mean the booking enquiry will be successful.

Live bookings

From 1 February the winter properties will run in “live” mode.

In live mode a booking is made, confirmed and rooms are allocated to that booking at that time.

Payment may be made by electronic transfer or by telephoning to make payment by credit card over the phone.

If payment by electronic transfer is elected, payment must be received within 3 business days. You must notify us (the Booking Secretary or, during winter, the manager) when payment has been made as the booking system does not interact with our bank account. Failure to make payment and advise us that the payment has been made may result in cancellation of that booking. This is to avoid members (or Guests) “parking” bookings.

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card please elect to make payment via electronic transfer and contact the Booking Secretary or manager as appropriate as soon as practicable. If an attempt to contact us and pay is not made within 3 business days this may result in cancellation of that booking. Note that if we are not available, please leave a message and we will contact you. 

Note that until handover to the managers the Booking Secretary will cancel bookings that have been approved but not paid for promptly.

As per our standing policies, all winter bookings made after 31 January must be paid for by 1 June and except for bookings made less than 4 business days before 1 June, all unpaid for bookings may be cancelled.

It should be noted that from 1 February anyone can make, pay for and obtain a confirmed booking without any interaction by the Booking Secretary or managers. As a general rule the Booking Secretary does not intend to block out any rooms as a result of a member enquiry; in previous years too many members have made enquiries and not proceeded with the booking whatsoever or have not proceeded promptly.

The Booking Secretary will hold rooms where justified, such as when flights or other travel arrangements need to be confirmed.

It is suggested, particularly during winter, that members have definite plans before making a booking enquiry and be willing to proceed with a booking at that initial contact. It is not reasonable to expect managers to hold rooms on the off chance that the member will proceed a week later.

Member bookings made directly after 1 February will be reviewed to ensure correct guest types have been selected. This may result in a price adjustment. Where additional payment is required, that additional payment must be made promptly to avoid cancellation of the entire booking.

Making bookings or booking enquiries

The process for bookings or booking enquiries is essentially the same except that booking enquiries do not have a payment step at the initial stage.

There are two steps (and screens) involved after you have selected the relevant lodge for booking enquiries and a third (payment) for live bookings.

  1. Select dates, people, room types and any “extras”;
  2. Review the proposed booking, enter any notes or messages and agree to the booking terms and code of conduct
  3. For live bookings  elect to make payment via electronic transfer. Note if payment via electronic transfer is elected you must click “Submit” on the third page. Failure to click “Submit” on the following page results in no booking being made and you will have to start again.

Members must enter the names of all Affiliates in a booking and the ages at date of arrival of all people claimed as child Affiliates. If the relationship between any child Affiliate and the member or adult affiliate is not apparent, such as different family names, it will be appreciated if that relationship (e.g. child, step child, partner’s child, etc.) is indicated, either with the names and ages or in the notes field that is displayed on the second screen.

Where a single adult Affiliate is included in a booking there is no need to indicate the relationship. Where multiple adult Affiliates are included you will need to indicate why you believe they are entitled to Affiliate status (e.g. full time student under 25, former member who passed membership to the member, etc.)

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card please elect to make payment via electronic transfer and contact the Booking Secretary and manager as appropriate as soon as practicable.

Successfully making a booking or booking enquiry will result in receipt of an email confirmation to the email address used for the booking. If you have elected to make payment via electronic transfer you will also receive an email with our bank account details.

If you do not receive an email you have either used an incorrect email address, your email program or server has blocked the email(s) or you have not made a booking. Contact the Booking Secretary or manager if you believe you have made a booking but have not received anything.

Dates and minimum booking periods

Low season bookings may be made for 1 night or more.

High season bookings must be for a minimum of 2 nights.

1 night bookings in high season cannot be made by Members and Guests and you will need to contact the Booking Secretary or manager as appropriate, who can make 1 night bookings in high season.

Fully booked dates

Dates on the date picker calendars that are fully booked are greyed out and cannot be selected. Bear this in mind as you can select arrival and departure dates that straddle fully booked dates and you will not get any rooms showing as available

Room selection and Price Calculation

The room tariffs displayed are the Guest tariffs.

Bookers may select Guests, Members and Affiliates. The nightly tariffs displayed are the Guest tariffs and the total is adjusted if any Members or Affiliates are selected.

Room Display

The system only displays rooms or room types that are available for the entire period of your proposed stay and those appropriate to the total number of people. As an example a booking for 2 people will result in rooms that accommodate more than 3 people being hidden.

As such longer bookings may result in limited or no rooms showing as available. Long bookings may need to be split into 2 or more bookings.

Under Occupancy

The online booking system has been set up to require all rooms that accommodate three or more people to be fully occupied. This is to prevent, for example, people booking triple rooms for only two people. Of course, if you want to, you can pay for 3 people for a triple even if there are only 2 people actually coming.

We frequently put 2 people in a triple and the Booking Secretary and managers can book rooms with under occupancy.

If the booking system only displays rooms that accommodate 3 or more people then either select different dates or increase the number of people.

If only rooms with a higher capacity than guest numbers are displayed (e.g. a triple or larger is displayed but you only have 2 people) increase the total number of guests using the Virtual Guest dropdown. This is valid only where this is necessary and is not valid where you want single occupancy of a room. A maximum of only one (1) Virtual Guest is valid for rooms with a capacity of 4 or less.

Note that where you have selected a room which has a higher capacity than the number of people in your booking we may change the room type. As an example, if you have 3 people in your booking but select a 4 person room for whatever reason, if a 3 person room is available or becomes available we will move the booking to the 3 person room.

Two Virtual Guests are only valid for rooms with a capacity of 5 or 6 and these may be booked with 3 or 4 people or more respectively if no other room combinations are available with a better capacity match.

If only a 4 bed family room is available and you are booking for 2 people, contact us. Similarly if only a 6 bed room is available and you are booking for 2 people, contact us. 

Note, as a general rule and before winter commences, the Booking Secretary does accept a booking for a 4 person room or the 5 person room at Mt Buller for less than 3 people. The 6 person room at Falls Creek requires at least 4 people. Managers have discretion during winter to accept bookings for less than these numbers but will probably not take such bookings more than a few days before arrival.

Note that, as with all bookings, specific rooms or room types are not guaranteed. A booking initially allocated a room which is under occupied may be changed to a room that provides full occupancy.

Booking fee, child discounts, Thredbo parking and other extras

The compulsory booking fee per person is an ‘extra’ separate from the nightly rates and displayed once appropriate rooms have been selected.

Currently child discounts in low season are also obtained by selecting a child discount ‘extra’, again separate from the nightly rates. The child discount is applied to all nights of a booking and so bookings straddling high and low seasons do not have a child discount available.

Children under 2 years old at the date of arrival may be selected in the ‘extras’.


Bookings on a “willing to share” basis are not accommodated by the online system and if a booking on a “willing to share” basis is desired, either contact the Booking Secretary or manager directly or make a single person booking and enter in the notes that you wish the booking to be a “willing to share” basis.

Bookings for different dates must be made as different bookings.

Bookings where not all people are present for the same period cannot be accommodated by the booking system and you will need to contact the Booking Secretary or manager as appropriate.


The availability pages colour each date according to room availability and this based on confirmed bookings.

Green indicates less than 75% of rooms are booked.

Orange indicates 75% or more to less than 100% of rooms are booked.

Red is only used when all of rooms are booked.

Consecutive days may show orange but may have different rooms free on different days. A room must be available for the entire booking period to be displayed for selection and in those circumstances no rooms may displayed. Also, there may only be a larger room available.

If the lodge appears not to be fully booked but you cannot book a room, contact the Booking Secretary or manager as appropriate.

Last Updated: 26 May 2016